Friday, February 18, 2011

do i still love you ?

hello ! wow ~ my blog just like "sarang tikus" jer right ? HAHA. totally im so busy, *its only a reasonn..wee~ what we are going to talk about ? hem , actually i want to story about my ex . hello ? please close the book and open new book please ! okay, i already do that, but he, still disturbing me . ohh, i feel so annoying  lha. why he still want to disturb me ah ? ergh !

and fyi he just call me tonight. i think trice before answer his calling. but, for sure , im picked up the fone. then. after i talk to him, im realise im such a fool okay . hell laa ~btw, should i give him second chance ? i will think about it later okay . hem,,i think its okay if we can be 'best friend' again .do im right ? ohh please dont oppose me okay? HAHA. okay , till here.. see you then ,

love, fie <3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

now i know why they cry

hello peeps :) first of all I want to say thank you for who already follow me . TYVM ok. and sory because i late to follow u back . lately my internet connection slow down . idk why . plus im also busy thats why i cannot update my domopinkie blog . teehee :D  sory again because maybe in this n3 i will use manglish language . what ? manglish ? what it is ? manglish is credit to malay + english ok ? hehe. i not too good in my english but i want to try it . practice make prefect right? ERK, i bubbling too much already .

peeps, you know what ? my diet prog so far so good . alhamdulillah.

okay, lets talk about the tittle .now i know why they cry ? a.k.a sekarang saya tahu kenapa mereka menangis :) but, why they cry ? hehe. okay. actually before this when i see somegurl cry after they break-up with their boyfie , i will monolog to my self  , " eyh, hello ? why they cry aaa? kumbang bukan seko lahh...sebab kan 'jantan' tu pun nak nangis.. ish plis la plissss ' . 

now, when i have the experience like that , i realise why they cry. omg, its so hurt right ? huhu . but , im still dont know what the meaning of love . can some one explain to me ? what i know, love is chenta right ? hehe.

okay, lets do blogwalking.byebye :)
love, fie <3

Monday, February 7, 2011

aktiviti today

hye. harini semua dah stat keje, sekolah and so on like usual right ? and me too. harini saya dah start balik aktiviti jogging saya . setelah seminggu i skipped. why skip ? biasalah , holiday kan? so i pun kene holiday jugak lah. hehe. tak lah. i skip sebab ada budak penyibok nak join. i ta kesah klu budak tu nak join. tapi i bengang bile dia buat perngai, menangis , merajuk segala bagai lah si kicik tu. so . saya tido je,eh, tapi saya buat aktvt laen la. maen badminton, tlg ayah saya bersihkan halaman rumah & mcm2 la.hem, tapi kan, kenapa lemak i ni manje sgt dgn i ek?  :(

okay la. thats all for today. bye.

love, fie <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

awak , awak !
cepatkan dah masuk bulan februari ?
sebulan dah kita berada di tahun baru :')

plan saya yang 'bajet nak diet' tu ,
berjalan dengan lancar,
selancar air disungai, hehe ..

btw, its already 2 months :)
bcoz i start diet on 1.12.2010,
congrates to me bcoz xlanggar peraturan lagi !

bye :)