Friday, February 18, 2011

do i still love you ?

hello ! wow ~ my blog just like "sarang tikus" jer right ? HAHA. totally im so busy, *its only a reasonn..wee~ what we are going to talk about ? hem , actually i want to story about my ex . hello ? please close the book and open new book please ! okay, i already do that, but he, still disturbing me . ohh, i feel so annoying  lha. why he still want to disturb me ah ? ergh !

and fyi he just call me tonight. i think trice before answer his calling. but, for sure , im picked up the fone. then. after i talk to him, im realise im such a fool okay . hell laa ~btw, should i give him second chance ? i will think about it later okay . hem,,i think its okay if we can be 'best friend' again .do im right ? ohh please dont oppose me okay? HAHA. okay , till here.. see you then ,

love, fie <3

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